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Why Mam Mam Pet Treats?

Freeze Dried Pet Food

Freeze-dried pet food are often free of grains and preservatives, and contain higher quality ingredients. You can feel much better about dishing up your dog’s breakfast if you know that it’s in its natural form and is less likely to cause digestion issues.

High in Nutrituous

One of the best things about freeze dried foods is that they are rich in nutrients. Freeze-drying uses atmosphere to remove moisture, it doesn’t alter the composition of the food because it hasn’t been cooked.

Feeding Method

Never get bored of feeding your Pets anymore! With Mam Mam, you can feed your pets with many feeding methods! Soak it with water to make your pet consume more water!

Convenience and Tasty

100g of freeze dried meat is equavalent to 500g of fresh raw meat! Lighter the weight, longer the shelf life! Taste just like the fresh meat!


Hear from some of our happy Mam Mam customers who have purchased Mam Mam for their pets.

Been reading about how freeze dried treats are not only tastier for pets but more nutritious. Great service, fast delivery. Sincerely, a happy customer :)
My pet start drinking more water. They like it so much! My cats going to be fat now cos they like it so much can't stop eat.

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